[Album] 友川カズキ – 光るクレヨン (2016.11.11/MP3/RAR)



A new album “shining crayon” of friend River Kazuki is released tomorrow on November 11.

Of the thing composed to this product which became the album for the first time in approximately two years ten months from previous work “revenge bourbon” more than をはじめ, 30 years ago by a poetry-based “dead man” of Yoshiro Ishihara was not made a sound source until now; is collecting with 11 pieces including the cover of the Michi Endo low “slave of expectations” “in the morning of the revolution”. Harumi Yamazaki (TACO, ガセネタ) participates by reading aloud for “the windpipe of three ogres”, and the picture which I put a design of the recording of this musical piece in is shown in YouTube.

1. 光るクレヨン
2. 飛ぶための空
3. 愉楽
4. 死んだ男に
5. ユメの番人
6. 「楕円の柩」アラカルト
7. 革命の朝
8. つつじ
9. 透谷をきく
10. 思惑の奴隷
11. 三鬼の喉笛

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