[Album] 感傷ベクトル – 青春の始末 (2016.10.13/MP3/RAR)


この作品にはライブでのバンドメンバーと共にアレンジした5曲と、田口囁一(Vo, G)のピアノ弾き語りにバイオリンを加えたアレンジの楽曲の合計6曲が収められる。今作の販売は事前予約制。予約は感傷ベクトルの公式通販サイトにて受け付けている。


A sentiment vector releases the latest mini album “disposal of the youth” on October 13.

Six pieces of total of the musical piece of the arrangement that added a violin to five pieces and a piano recital with a musical instrument of 田口囁一 (Vo, G) that I arranged it into this work with the band member by the live is put. The sale of the product is advance reservations system now. I accept the reservation in the official mail order site of the sentiment vector.

In addition, a sentiment vector and a collaboration single of sasakure.UK became apparent to “a dull color, silent to refuse” being released by “comic market 90” to be carried out in Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight on August 14. The fifth of the plan that that this single person invites an outside composer and makes a musical piece, and Taguchi sings songs and draws a jacket. The comics that Taguchi made Komi empty is by the novel “happiness of three days” of 三秋縋 besides from August “had buy life; serialization for 10,000 yen starts in Web comics site “boy jump +” of Shueisha in one year.”.

1. 前夜祭
2. 大人になった僕らは
3. 黙るしか
4. 桜
5. 卒業フリーク
6. 後夜祭

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